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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I can't believe it's only been two days since I last posted. It feels like it was a week ago. So much has happened.

Thursday I was desperate to work on Chapter Two. But the day began with having to hunt for an important piece of paperwork... this then led to the entire morning being devoted to organising and tidying the study; a mammoth task and long overdue!

Then I received an email querying the newsletter I have volunteered to take over. It's for the local branch of the MS Society. Fortunately I'd written what was needed, I just needed to print it off (or so I thought). Having never compiled a newsletter before, I discovered (thankfully on the trial run, rather than the whole print!) that once the paper was folded and stapled some of the words couldn't be read. Back to the computer to move and resize various articles, followed by more trial print runs. Finally, I'm on a roll. My first edition hits the printer...

Meanwhile, hubby gently reminds me that I promised I'd read through his manuscript that he is now ready to send off. He is an author of a new experimental scheme providing a bite-size summary of literary works for students. He was given the project of Jane Austen's Persuasion to condense. I had to edit this before the kids came home from school and college, while I still had relative peace and quiet.

This was a reminder for me how much I enjoy reading other people's writing. Why is it so easy to find errors and constuctive criticism etc. in another writer's work than it is our own?! I guiltily remembered that I'm also in the midst of a Chapterhouse Editorial/Proof Reading course that I haven't so much as looked at since Christmas!

My critique partner had also sent me her latest chapter, which I was looking forward to reading. I never had the opportunity to look at it because of all the work that was involved in getting the newsletter together. Thank goodness there is only going to be a quarterly edition!

Friday: More running around re. the newsletter. In the afternoon I finally treated myself to reading my friend's chapter. Did I mention how much I enjoy reading other people's work-in-progress?

Before I know it, another day has passed...