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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chapter Two: Change of plan (again)

I spent all day yesterday (on and off) trying to load my new post. I thought it was just me who blogger didn't like, but a friend has confirmed that the site was down - for everyone.

Normally I'd be patient. I'd wait calmly. Even put my post aside for another day... but yesterday was different. It was URGENT. I needed HELP! Grrrr... isn't it typical?

However, although any advice will still be gratefully received, the urgency has gone - for the time being. I know; how changeable am I? Well, to be fair it's not me who's changeable, it's my characters.

My Hero decided (in frustration I think), that he ISN'T a paediatrician. How dare I get his position wrong? He is in actual fact an obstetrician! D'oh! If only he'd told me in the first place. I know about all sorts of things that can go wrong in pregnancy...

Anyway, as it happens it was too soon to write about a medical emergency. That's not going to happen until Chapter Three, which is when I get the hero and heroine together in a working capacity. Note to them both: WORKING!

I am pleased to say my first (rough) draft of Chapter Two is now finished. Hubby will probably suggest revisions (it's great being married to a writer), and I will hopefully be ready to forward a polished draft to my critique partner by Sunday. :-)


Sharon J said...

Oh well, these things happen. At least his beng an obstetrician will make it easier for you.

My other half's a writer too, but he'd be the last person I'd let critique my work.

Do you revise each chapter as you go along or wait until THE END and then go back? I hop around, back and forth through the ms, chopping and changing. I write lots then go back and tighten it up. Then, of course, there are ideas I get that can improve what I've already written so back I go again. Some would say I should write like that but I don't believe there's a 'correct' way of writing, but whatever way works for the individual. My writing takes longer this way, but I enjoy it and for me that's the most important thing.

Hark at me, waffling on when I ought to be working.

Karen Erickson said...

My husband is not really a big reader (shame shame!) so though I tell him what I'm writing, he doesn't read it. I think it would be nice to have a fellow writer in the house - someone to relate to.

Good luck on the writing!

ps - I had a heck of a time yesterday too and got super frustrated with the blogger. My blog for the day posted 7 times! Goodness...

C. H. Green said...

We would be in trouble if both my husband and I were writers. Nothing else would ever get done. Enjoyed your blog. Found it through Magnolia. Stop and visit me sometime.

Sharon J said...

Now I'm curious. What's Magnolia?

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Sharon: I do try not to revise each chapter as I go along, but I am finding that my brain won't let me move on until I've edited it. I agree, I don't think there's a correct way of writing. I'm also finding that I enjoy writing the next chapter more once I've cleaned up the previous one.

Karen: It's not always easy having a fellow writer in the house. Not when they don't write for the same genre anyway. I have made hubby promise to read a few HMB before I put some of his advice into practise :-)

C.H.: Believe me, nothing in my house ever gets done, lol :-) On my way to visit your blog now...

Sharon: Magnolia is a friend I made through my other blog. I will give you a link to hers in my next posting :-)

Sharon J said...

Aha! You're also a multi-blogger. Another thing we have in common :)