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Friday, April 28, 2006

Procrastination... and my Hero!

Okay, I hold my hands up: Procrastination is the bane of my life. I wish it wasn't, but it is, and I confess I don't always have the energy to fight it.

I know I should be writing. I have Chapter Three to begin. But I don't want to! I know why that is too. It's because I sort of know where I'm going with the chapter, and I like that feeling! I love knowing that I have something to write. But, I know that as soon as I write it, it'll be gone and I'll be left not knowing what comes next - again! [sigh]

If you have read Kate Hardy's blog today you will know that she has posted a picture of the guy who inspired one of her heroes. Yesterday I posted a comment on somebody's blog (memory like a sieve and can't remember whose), that said I wasn't ready to spill the beans on who my inspiration was.

I've changed my mind. Or rather, Kate's hero changed my mind! He is gorgeous, and my hero became jealous! So he insisted that I post a picture of him as well.

I would like to say that he didn't start out as my hero. I was patiently waiting to use him for a different book, but somehow, he wheedled his way into this one. I think I could use him more than once though [VBG]. Here he is:


Sharon J said...

Very nice :)

I wonder whether any of the non-celebs who are used as hero inspiration and posted on blogs ever come across themselves? I mean, I'd be pretty stunned if I found a picture of me on a blog post about how I inspired somebody to do/write/draw something. I suppose at least they can feel glad they're being used for positive inspiration - can you imagine how they'd feel to find out they'd inspired an evil villain?

Is yours a celeb or an ordinary bloke?

Stacy Dawn said...

I must be such a left-field type person. I am opposite. My hero comes to me then I start seeing similarities in the stars and usually by the middle I find one that I can picture in the 'role'.

April said...

Great inspiration!

Good luck with the procrastination. I'm a procrastination queen too. I can do it all day long!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Sharon: He is a celebrity - Goran Visnjic. He took over from George Clooney in ER :-)

Stacy: Mine tend to start out as 'ordinary' in my mind. Until I start looking for visual examples... Goran hijacked me this time :-)

April: Glad you like :-)Good luck with your procrastination too.

Sharon J said...

Yes, I realised he's a celeb, I was thinking of all the non-celebs that are probably being used. It was just a stray thought that slid out as I passed by :)

Karen Erickson said...

I start thinking of an idea, the characters start forming and then one day I see someone (male or female) and think, "That's my *insert name here*." And then I go and find a bunch of pictures, put them on my computer and stare at them when I need inspiration. Hah! Or when it's the hero, just to look at some eye candy for a few minutes. :)

Your hero is cute. I don't watch ER but I know exactly who you're talking about...

Sarah L. Castleberry said...

Luca - isn't that his name on ER? Very nice!

I find that having an inspiration for my hero gives me a good excuse to look at and post pictures of hot guys! :)

Lately, I've been having trouble finding a hero pic - because they are "normal" people in my mind, but also fantasy handsome - meaning, most celebs already have a connotation associated with them, and rarely do pictures of "normal" men meet the standard! :)