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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

It seems that determination isn't always enough. I won't go into too many details (I promise :-)) but since 4am Friday morning I became unwell.

The good news is, that I don't think it's the onset of an ms relapse (although to be on the safe side I'm still sending up prayers ;-)). I think it was one of those weird 24 hr viruses. However, in my case, although the worst is over, e.g. I have my legs back and have moved from my bed to the sofa, I have a numbness from my shoulders to the top of my head which is a part of the ms. It's possible that I'll have no choice but to completely rest for a few more days - hence no writing :-(.

I've sneaked onto my laptop to update you all. (Apologies to hubby, "yes I was only intending to check my email, but I'll be off here before you even realise I strayed from yahoo mail.")

I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again soon.


Stacy Dawn said...

(((Hugs))) and I really hope you feel better soon!!

Jade said...

I'll be praying for ya!

Cyber Hugs,


Karen Erickson said...

Sorry...hope you feel better. Rest up plenty, let yourself recuperate (did I spell that right?). We'll be waiting for you when you come back. :)

April said...

Hugs! Hope you're feeling better soon! I've heard of a number of people getting a similar virus recently. I think it went around before Christmas and is just now managing to snag everyone it didn't get on the first go.

Feel better!

Radical One said...

hey girl! just stopping by to say hello. hope you're getting rest and will be well soon.

Lord, i pray you will bless your daughter with Your loving touch of joy and peace, during this time. i ask that you will give her special strength and health as she heals.

hugs to you!

Eva said...

Rest well, MsCreativity. All that thinking time will come in handy later!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks everyone. It hasn't quite been the 24 hr virus I initially thought. My son has been ill with it all week as well. I'm looking forward to getting back to writing next week. :-)