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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


...to Lynette Rees. Yesterday saw the publication of her ebook
It Happened One Summer.

This book is particularly special to Lynette because she is donating all the proceeds to her local Cancer Charity, Cancer Aid.

Additionally, Lynette has been instrumental in getting the RNA to recognise authors of ebooks as full members, providing they have signed a contract and they have not self published.


Jade said...

WOW! Good for Lynette! That's really interesting news!

Cyber Hugs,


Sharon J said...

I can see why it's important the RNA accepts ebook authors as full members but there's still a part of me that struggles against this development. Any old Tom, Dick or Arthur could start up an ebook publishing house with next to no start capital and ... well, are ebooks real books? I dunno. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Do they get ISBNs?

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hi Jade, it's great to hear from you, thanks for stopping by :-)

Sharon, I do know what you mean because I struggle to read a book on screen. However, times are a changing. I've bought a few non fiction ebooks now and hubby usually gets them printed out at work :-). Fortunately Wings Press offer a choice of either ebook or paperback, so I've ordered paperback. It's not as appealing to me to read fiction on A4 paper, so I was pleased to have a choice. With regard to ISBNs, Lynette's is the first fiction book I have bought and it has two ISBNs - one for the ebook and one for the p/back.
I think whether we like it or not, it's only a matter of time before larger publishers offer an ebook format too. HMB have now gone to audio and it wouldn't surprise me if they too eventually offer an alternative format. Some books nowadays are even being downloaded to ipods and mobiles.
I don't feel paper books will ever be replaced, but I think as writers we need to keep on top of market trends. :-)

Sharon J said...

Mmmm.... yes, I do agree that it's just a matter of time but an ebook will never replace a printed book for me, either. And I wouldn't feel the same about having a book published as an ebook as I would about having it published as a 'proper' book.

As for audio, that's been around for a long time and HMB should be ashamed of themselves for not offering it earlier. My son's dependant on that particular format to 'read' a book as he can't read at all (severe learning difficulties). I also know a few people who listen to them in the car on the way to and from work.

The world's changing and my legs won't move fast enough to keep me up!