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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Feeling a little scared

Why is it that when I can't possibly indulge myself in my writing, I'm so desperate to get my words written down?

I'm feeling very twitchy about it all at the moment. I need to be continuing with my book, and I'm scared that this will turn into another scenario of 'real life getting in the way'. Last time this happened it took me over 10 years to pick up the threads of my writing and continue.

That is NOT going to happen this time.

In fact, as I type this I'm making a decision. I'm going to continue with my writing (now I'm really scared!). I HAVE to. I need to remember that I'm not on my own with this move. There are three other people in this house. DS and DD are both big enough and old enough to do their fair share. It's all about delegation, right?

I CAN do both. I WILL do both. Wish me luck - I need all the help I can get.

PS Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and support you have already given me.


Sharon J said...

Imagine writing is what you do for a living. You're moving but if you don't write you'll all starve. It has to be done. Others have done it and so can you because they're no better than you are. Are they? Ok, so the writing will probably go slower but only you can let life get in the way.

Stacy Dawn said...

Yes, you can do it. Remember, you don't have to write a book all at once. A paragraph, a page, it doesn't matter because every little bit will get you there. I know a few who literally set a time for 20 minutes, sometimes all she gets is once a day, sometimes she does it two or three times a day. Whatever she can comfortably fit in.

Buffy said...

This post is absolutely me. When I'm at work I'm so twitchy I can't sit still. Then I go home and watch That 70s Show.


I need it.

Karen Erickson said...

What everybody else above me said. ;)

No, really, it does take discipline and hard work, but don't beat yourself up if you don't write as much as you'd like on any given day. Some days thousands of words flow out of me. Other days, NO words come out, or a few hundred, or 50. It just depends.

Just stick with it and breathe deep. It'll happen, trust me.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Sharon, you are so right. Thanks! I refuse to let life get in the way anymore. Slow is good, it's when it stops it's not.
Thanks Stacy! I managed about 50 new words, every little helps. :-)
LOL Buffy. Self-discipline is the most important qualification when trying to write, isn't it?!
Thanks for your support and encouragement Karen! Ahh, breathe deep - I don't do that often enough...

April said...

Good luck. I can't say anything more than anyone else has said, so I will reiiterate. You can do it. Try not to give yourself too much grief about it, but definately learn to deligate... Which can be easier said than done. But if it was too easy, it wouldn't be worth doing, right? ;-) Well, unless it's eating chocolate. Both easy and worth doing.

Bar Bar A said...

You are determined - you'll do it!!! One step at a time!

Annie said...

Have you tried thinking about what it means if you DON'T do it?

Like -

1. You won't get people holding their head on one side looking at you with ill-concealed admiration when you tell them you're a writer;

2. You won't get strangers staring at you, poking their friends in the ribs and pointing at you whilst whispering in awed tones 'isn't that MsCreativity - you know, the writer of that fantastic book we so loved?;

3. You won't get to see people reading your book on a train/bus/plane;

4. You won't get to see your book actually for sale with a PRICE TAG on it in a real shop (like Oxfam);

5. You won't get to move books around in a real book shop (including Oxfam) so that yours is the one at the front of all the other books and therefore most likely to catch shopper's attention;

6. You won't get green people saying 'Oh, I'd love to be a writer if only I had the time';

7. Or - 'You're a writer? You must be very clever;

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - you won't get all those wonderful people who've already commented on your blog saying to you - GOOD LUCK MSCREATIVITY!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks April and Barbara for your kind words and support.

Annie: ROFLOL!!! I'll try thinking what it'll mean if I don't do it from now onwards. How can I ever even think about giving up?!

You're also right that MOST IMPORTANTLY I'll miss all you wonderful bloggers who inspire me, make me laugh, and keep me writing. THANK YOU ALL SO