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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In Praise of Tom Cruise

Yes, you heard right. The title does say 'Tom Cruise'. I'll be the first to admit that I've been tempted to give Tom a very wide berth of late. He does seem to be following 'different' beliefs these days, which are a little alarming.

I'm a committed Christian, and I realised that I wouldn't want people to stay away from my (future) books because of my beliefs. So, with my non-judgemental head fixed firmly in place, I spontaneously treated my son and hubby to Mission:Impossible III.

DS had survived a particularly stressful week of sats exams. Hubby too has been particularly stressed out with his current TMAs, both due at the same time (he is completing his degree this year and taking two 60pt courses). I was the only one who didn't deserve a treat, because I had merely been busy procrastinating! :-)

Even though I've been shown to be a Drama Princess, I'm not exaggerating when I say that from the opening scene to the closing credits I was GRIPPED! Not for a single second did my mind wander. Not even for a millisecond. The entire cast, direction, script, were all FANTASTIC!.

I remember thinking "Wow! This is how my book needs to be: Fast paced with mega page turning quality." Then I thought, actually, it wouldn't be good for my book to be like this at all, not unless I want to give my readers a heart attack by Chapter 3!!

It is definitely one of those films where you should choose not to munch on popcorn or sweets (As DS discovered when he nearly choked on his skittles during one particularly exhilarating scene)!

In short, I guess what I've been trying to say is that Mission:Impossible III and Tom Cruise blew me away!

Ps. I have a diverse taste in movies. I never saw the first two M:Is (which apparently weren't that great). It's a stand alone film that exceeds its predecessors by far. I admit this film is all action but it's packed to the brim with emotion: PERFECT!


Stacy Dawn said...

I'll be honest, he's never been high on my list and all the questionable media he's been getting lately hasn't helped. But a good movie is a good movie no matter what and I'm glad you got your money's worth.

Jade said...

I'm not for Tom Cruise's beliefs either. But my mom says that you don't throw away all the good someone's done just because they mess up or have a different belief than you, MHO, anyway. :-)

Have a GREAT day!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Stacy, it made a nice change to get my money's worth! :-)

Jade, your mom is sooo right. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Sharon J said...

Yesterday I thought of something clever to say about Tom Cruise but had no time to comment. Today it's gone right out of my head (I think it's the fact that there isn't much between the ears that causes this to happen on a far too regular basis). Oh well... I tried.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Darn! Your review makes me second guess my previously comittment to boycott Tom Cruise! Love a good action movie...but geez! Why does he have to be so arragant! That is far different from a Christain belief system which is full of humility, compassion, and other focused.

Thanks for the post, nonetheless!


Sharon J said...

Good point about TC's arrogance, Diane.

Bar Bar A said...

First off, I'd like to commend you for saying something positive about Tom Cruise. I did a post on him recently and had to take it down cause everyone hates him so much these days - I don't hate him, I see him as lost and messed up (and very cute too!).

I would never consider seeing MI3 until I read your review! Now I want to see it.