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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It Happened One Summer

I am thrilled to bits. Today my first ever purchase of a fiction ebook arrived in paper format. It is 246 pages long and the quality is incredible! One of my recent 'chick-lit' purchases from Amazon was awful in comparison. Wings ePress is a quality publisher.

Many, many congratulations to Lynette Rees, and I hope you raise the money needed for your Cancer charity.


Lynette said...

Delighted you received your copy. It didn't take long to WING its way from the U.S [pardon the pun!]

Happy reading!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

LOL! I nearly used the pun too!! It's incredible how quickly the book arrived. I must say, it was extremely well packaged too.
I'm looking forward to a great read. :-)

Sharon J said...

I've popped that link into the directory of the Nantwich Writers' Group site.

I can't imagine ever wanting to read an ebook or having one published, but as long as the books are available as 'proper' books too, then I'm happy enough.

Raising money for charity is a very worthy cause indeed. I'd like to think that I'll one day be able to donate part of my earnings to charity but I'm afraid the first charity is going to have to be me and mine at the moment. That sounds selfish, doesn't it? It isn't meant that way - I've done lots of work for charity in the past but right now I need to think about getting my daughter through college and university.

I'm waffling as usual :)