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Friday, May 26, 2006

JON BON JOVI and My Shattered Dreams

My dreams may have been shattered but I still have my memories...

Okay, what am I talking about? Back in the New Year I managed to book two gold tickets for Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium. The initial plan was that I was going to treat DD and myself to a short stay in London with an experience everybody should have at least once in their lives - a Bon Jovi concert.

I have already had said experience a few times, so I know what a fantastic time DD will have. The only criteria is that we would only go if I could get good seats. It's all or nothing with me. If you can't have a good view what's the point of going? (Yes, I know the atmosphere is great wherever you are, but I refuse to pay that much for atmosphere alone.)

I was beside myself with excitement when I managed to get two gold tickets, plus a room in the nearest hotel only minutes from Wembley Stadium. Even I, would be able to manage to walk the short distance. It was the venue that was exciting me as much as the band - I was there for Bon Jovi's last Wembley performance in 2000 when they were the final band to perform before the Stadium was torn down.
Also, I love Nickelback and they are the support group. WOW! What an event this will be!

Okay, we all know what happens with best laid plans... The new Wembley Stadium is behind schedule and Bon Jovi have moved their concert to The National Bowl, Milton Keynes. My tickets weren't automatically transferred because you can't get seating at Milton Keynes, it's standing only. I now had a hotel to cancel and no tickets to Bon Jovi.

The original 'deal' was, that I was only going to the concert if I could get seats, because I can't stand for longer than a few minutes. Now I had a dilemma. Should I try and get a couple of tickets for Milton Keynes being as it's standing only? The good news about The National Bowl is that no matter where you are the view is EXCELLENT. My only problem is with the physical act of standing. I have a collection of walking sticks and one of them has a seat, so, as I was feeling confident at the time (HA!) I thought nothing of it and ordered another pair of tickets.

DD came home from college and I told her the bad news about Wembley followed by the good news that we were still going. She later broke the news to me that she doesn't want to go - it was the hotel etc. she'd been looking forward to... The hotel. I'd forgotten about that bit. Drat! Of course, by the time I tried to book a room at the nearest hotel (and there was only one to choose from), they had no vacancies.

I wasn't giving up on my dream of going to this concert. I railroaded hubby into agreeing to come with me, and told him that we wouldn't need a hotel because Milton Keynes was only an hour's drive away. When he asked whether it would all be too much for me, I confidently said that I'd be okay. (Inside I didn't feel so confident, but I knew that the adrenelin of the day would carry me through - I'd just pay for it for a week afterwards!).

Then we discovered we are going to be moving by the end of June. The concert is on the 10th. No problem, I said. So long as I get plenty of rest before and after the event, I'd be fine. I reluctantly agreed to take the wheelchair just in case the fatigue became too much.

By this time I was secretly wishing I'd never bought the damned tickets. We could've used the money for the move... Then to compound the doubts I already had I've been ill. Luckily it's not been a relapse, but it's still taken things out of me. The concert is two weeks away. I know there is now no way I can possibly go. If I rebel and go anyway the chances are I won't be able to cope with the move.

Reluctantly my two tickets are now sitting on ebay. Part of me believed that if I didn't get any bids and I felt okay on the day I would still go. Of course, so far I've got one bid with another two watching. I have a feeling that I'll lose money on them, so far the bidding isn't even half what I've paid for them.

Suddenly, I no longer care (yeah right!).

But there's one thing for sure: Somebody, somewhere, is going to have the time of their lives, and maybe one day I will get to see Bon Jovi again.


Stacy Dawn said...

((Hugs))) that sucks no doubt about it and it doesn't help now but something good will come of this, you'll see...eventually :)

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Sue - that's really tough. (I know how I'd feel if I'd had to give up my tickets to David Coverdale, after 25 years of wanting to see him live. Murderous.)

You'll get your chance. And it'll be the sweeter for the waiting. (Trust me on this - Coverdale was the best gig I've EVER been to... and he touched my hand twice! I'm still weak at the knees about it, nearly 2 years later.)

Bar Bar A said...

THIS IS SO DEPRESSING! I'm so sorry. I can just imagine the disappointment. Sorry for your "loss".

(and to Kate - yes, David Coverdale is hot!!!)

Karen Erickson said...

So sorry. You had the best deal ever going with the Wembley/hotel thing, and it would've been so much fun to go with your daughter. :( :(

They'll come back around again. Those dudes will be rockin' til they're grandpas!

April said...

Hus, sweetie! I'm sure you'll get to see them again... They show no sign of slowing down!