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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


... I hold my hands up. I am procastinating again! But, [pleading-case expression] I really need this break. I am thoroughly exhausted. I've been slogging over Chapter Three and the research it requires for d-a-y-s. I am getting there, but slowly. It's taking a while for my scene in the operating theatre to sink in to my brain. I need to watch another few episodes of
Holby City and ER.

Anyway, while I give my poor brain a break from all things medical, here are a few other blogs I enjoy regularly:



Eva said...

MsCreativity, hang in there. I recently finished a tough chapter and realized sometimes it's a pure and utter waste of time to push too hard. Sometimes you just have to let it all sink in. So procrastinate on!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks for stopping by. :-) It's good to hear I'm not the only one finding the writing process tough. You are right about it being a waste of time to push too hard. That's probably worse than procrastinating!
Hey, I think between us we've justified procrastination! :-)

Jade said...

Yeah, pushing too hard only makes procrastination worse. But not pushing hard enough isn't good either. It's all about finding balance, IMHO anyway. :-)

Cyber Hugs,


Karen Erickson said...

Oh, the writing process is so tough! It's a hard thing sometimes. And conflicting cos sometimes my fingers fly on the keyboard and other times they just sit there and hover.

Sometimes you just need a break. Take it for a few days if needed and then go right back at it.

Thanks for the promo, by the way!

April said...

Breaks are a must! Without them I would be insane. Well, more insane than I already am ;-).

Thanks for the plug... Enjoy the break. Just don't forget to get back to it!

Stacy Dawn said...

Sometimes stepping away is the best because the ideas come through like a freight train.

Thanks for the nod on the blog...you're so sweet!

Sharon J said...

Where have you gone for this break? Are you ever coming back? You're being missed!