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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Serious Moment

Okay, I may have been a little side-tracked these past few days. I very nearly blogged on Thursday, I really did. But what I wanted to say came out wrong, too heavy and too deep. That's not the purpose of this blog, so I left it.

However, I feel I have to mention it briefly (I know, I am so contradictory!). On Wednesday 9pm I watched a BBC drama-documentary about Beverly Allit, a nurse who murdered babies she was caring for in the children's ward she worked on. This notorious case happened in the '90s and although I had known about it, what I hadn't realised was: 1. Allit was born down the road from where I am currently living. 2. The hospital in question is also local and is where my own two children have received treatment. It put a whole new perspective on the case.

It was all very disturbing, superbly acted and directed, and then I discovered another interesting fact: The drama script was written by none other than Kate Harrison!


Sharon J said...

Whoooah! Scary stuff!

Makes you wonder what on earth is going on in the minds of people like that, doesn't it?