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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Deed is Done

Yesterday we took DS to look around his new school.

I've looked around many schools over the years but this one was the largest ever. It even beat the school DD went to when we lived in London.

This new school has approximately 2,000 students - 550 in DS's year alone. Pretty scary when his current year only has approx 150!

We were all somewhat surprised and very impressed with this school. It offers so many opportunities for the students. Considering its size we were expecting chaos and noise during our tour, but everything was organised.

The icing on the cake for DS is the school uniform. It's comfort all the way - polo shirt (no tie), and black trainers are allowed (DS currently has to wear the whole shirt, tie, blazer, shoes etc.).

Fingers crossed, everything looks like it's going to work out fine.



Sharon J said...

My kids had a hell of a time getting used to the school uniform after we moved to England from Norway. Norwegian kids wear whatever they like to school, and there's actually less pressure around fashion (labels) than there is here so the argument about uniforms and fashion pressure doesn't wash with me.

Anyway, that had nothing to do with your post really, I just wanted to say it because I don't like the uniform thing at all. It leaves no room for individual growth. Rant, rant. Sorry.

Glad DS looks set to be happy in his new school. How old is he? I found it was always easier for the kids to move schools while they were still juniors, but a lot's probably down to the individual and how they handle things.

In a way I miss my kids being younger but at the same time it's nice to no longer have to worry about those things. With the youngest at 17, they're pretty much all independent now. Well... not Paul as such, but he's totally different and can't be compared anyway.

Have you done your 10 minutes today? Oh, and I remember what I meant to ask you. Do you update your word meter thingy? It seems to have been stuck at 17.4% for a heck of a time. I've got my beady eye on it now!

Stacy Dawn said...

Wonderful! That must be such a relief for all of you. Wow, though, that is a BIG school.

April said...

Woo Hoo! That's great! Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Sharon, my son will be 14 at the end of July, starting Year 10 in Sept.

Umm... yes I have been doing my 10 mins a day albeit in my notebook.

Uh oh, re. that word meter thingy, you're right it does seem to have been stuck for a while now... must be a fault with the software... I'm sure it'll be fixed by the 10th July though. ;-)

Thanks Stacy & April - it is a huge relief, but I can do with as many fingers crossed as possible! :-)

Sharon J said...

So what are you saying, Sue? That when 10th July comes round, it'll suddenly shoot up to 80% or something?

Just kiddin'. As long as you're doing something with your ms, that's good. I really believe it's important to keep at it, even if it is just 10 minutes in a notebook every day, developing the characters, noting new scenes etc.

I'm still editing those first three chapters. Life keeps getting in the way, which is driving me potty! I'm writing, just not anywhere near as much as I'd hoped to.

I really hope your son settles into his new school. My daughter was 14 when she started her last school but I ended up taking her out and having her educated with a tutor at home. She'd had some bad school experiences and things just became too stressful for her.