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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ever felt like a yo-yo?

This is how I feel right now. My head is in writing world, but that dreaded thing called 'real-life' is still getting in the way. I'm going up and down, up and down - is it any wonder I feel dizzy?

Real life isn't so bad at the moment. It's just a matter of needing to deal with the necessary evils relating to our forthcoming move.

The good news is: healthwise it's looking like I'm at the start of a 'good spell'. (not 'normal' good, but good for me). This means that so long as I take frequent rests in between tasks, I can accomplish lots of little things.

The bad news is: My DS (aged nearly 14) has no alternative but to change schools. I was initially gutted by this. But as so often happens in life, things tend to work out for the best. DS has so far been very mature about it. We'll still be close enough for him to retain social contact with his friends, which helps.

My son is very switched on. He sees this as a perfect opportunity to cut some 'deals' with me. In other words, little things that I can do for him that will make him feel better about having to change school.

DS: "Does that mean you'll let me buy another PS 2 game before we move?" (He's had a ban on buying any more because he has a birthday coming up at the end of July, and because I don't want him distracted during the times I need his help with the move).

Me: "Umm. I could be persuaded..."


"But that doesn't mean you can buy just any game. You're still not allowed Grand Theft Auto or any other '18' certificates."

DS: "Oh. But I can really buy a game before we move?"

Me: "Yes."

We are both happy with the outcome of this deal. DS is getting to buy a game (with his money I hasten to add!), and I'm relieved that he's taken the news about the change of school so well. As a bonus for me, it was great to see he now doesn't even bother trying to argue about the '18' games.

So, when my head isn't in that magical writing place, I'm busy researching school prospectuses etc., and from tomorrow I'll be phoning around making appointments to view respective schools with DS.


Stacy Dawn said...

Hope you get back to normal as soon as possible.

Karen Erickson said...

Your son sounds like my son (he's 12), always wheeling and dealing with me, esp about video games. Ugh!

Good luck with your move. Moving is never, ever fun. You'll get everything straightened out soon...I hope! :)

Sharon J said...

OMG! What a headache changing the kids' schools is! I remember it well. For my daughter, it ended up with her being educated at home as she couldn't get into the schools she wanted and the one she went to just wasn't good enough. Too much bullying and not enough staff taking it seriously. Still, all those who said she'd never make anything of herself by refusing to be educated in a school have been proved wrong as she passed her GCSEs and is now in college studying photography.