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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ideas4writers was originally launched in August 2002 to provide writers with numerous ideas and plenty of advice.

From 1st August 2006 they will be relaunching as a book publishing company.

For those of us who never became full paying members, ideas4writers are offering one last chance to become a full member without needing a voucher (which can only be obtained from buying one of their books).

Lifetime memberships are being offered for a one-time only payment of £4.99! The advantage is that you can also pay via Paypal as well as other methods.

To quote from their newsletter: "If you've been putting off joining or thinking that maybe you'll join "one of these days" - well that day is here! You have until 30th June, otherwise it'll be too late. Don't miss out - do it now" Click here to join.

I am one of those people who've put off joining. But not anymore! Lifetime membership is worth £299, so I figured £4.99 from my Bon Jovi tickets was worth the investment.

Tempted to join me?

*DH has just pointed out that it sounds like I work for them, LOL! I don't. This is one of those occasions where I feel the quality of what they have to offer is too good to keep to myself.


Sharon J said...

I've been a member for a couple of years now and love the site. It's great for getting inspiration although I don't get the time to be anywhere near as active on the forums as I'd like to be.