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Monday, June 12, 2006

Message for USA Readers

Do you fancy your chances of winning one of Kate Walker's bookbags and a signed copy of one of her books?

Jump across to her blog, and you may discover that you are her magic number...



Karen Erickson said...


I won I won I won!

Thanks for the tip. Wouldn't have won without ya. ;)

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

WOOOHOOO Karen, congratulations! (Don't you just love blogging!!)

April said...

Karen snapped it up. My fault for being late! Congrats Karen :-)

And have fun with the move Mscreativity! We've talked about moving, but I told hubby I'd be out of the country while we did it :-)

Sharon J said...

I'm definitely not her magic number. I'm already on her UK list so can't really pretend to be from the US and sign up there. And anyway, she'd suss it if I won and gave her a UK address!

Seriously, she seems such a lovely person, doesn't she? Always giving away bits and pieces. I won one of her books a while back and was sooooo thrilled. There's something special about winning something, isn't there? I still haven't read it, mind, but it's on my TBR shelf along with several dozen others so its turn will come :)

Sharon J said...

Oh! Just noticed that Karen won! How cool is that! Way to go, Karen :)