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Monday, June 26, 2006


It's nearly 5pm and I have spent the entire day on the telephone!
From 8.30am to nearly midday I was speaking to telephone companies - one who'd made an error on my bill, and the other to organise transfer of the broadband/telephone line etc. Why is it that even when you take note of somebody's name they can never be tracked down again?

This afternoon has been spent telephoning relevant council departments. I decided to email one particular department, and I have seen (through automated receipts that have been sent) my one email being deleted without being read by one person, and read by no less than four other people. I have a feeling that I may be receiving more than one set of forms in the near future!


Sharon J said...

I don't particularly hate Mondays, it depends on what Monday has to offer me. Today Monday meant spending a lot of money (new tent for offspring's upcoming Amsterdam trip) so not the best Monday I can think of but not the worse, either. I'd rather buy a tent that deal with council admin people.

The bear's dead cute.

April said...

Hugs on the tough day!

Some Mondays are worse than other. Sometimes it seems like everyday is a Monday :-)