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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Not Such A Bad Day After All

I wasn't looking forward to today for several reasons:

Yesterday I came crashing back to reality from the cloud I've been dreaming on (don't ask).

Today should have been BON JOVI day (say no more).

Being Saturday, DH is working all day (although after yesterday's 'reality' check, I was determined not to miss him for one second).

As it turns out, today hasn't been the horrendous day I'd imagined it would be:

DD and I dropped some paint over to our new house. This means for the first time since we've been in rented, DD has a say on what colour she wants her bedroom. She's chosen apple green, and I'm also hoping the tins of paint will stretch to the room DH and I will be using for our office.

The woman from the property letting company is lovely. Their decorator is giving the house a coat of magnolia, but she said that if DD wants to choose a colour (and we provide the paint) then the decorator will paint it. The same would've applied to DS too, if he hadn't said (in front of the agent) that he wanted his room black! For that little 'joke' he's stuck for the forseeable future with the artistic magnolia!

DD and I didn't get home until 2.20pm, by which time I'd missed England's only goal! Now, this may sound strange, but I do love watching England matches. This is the only thing that DH and I don't have in common. He loathes football. Last time I watched the World Cup I was living in my own house in London, and DH cringes every time I remind him that I even got into the spirit of the occasion with the England flags etc. [Sigh] I miss London sometimes. Nobody in our cul-de-sac is flying the flag, and as we are currently in a bungalow (to DH's relief), somehow the effect doesn't feel the same so I haven't bothered.

Anyhow, I've had a better day than I'd anticipated, and England WON! WOOHOO! Who'd want to be at Milton Keynes being frazzled by the sun and queuing for hours to get out of the car park at the end of the night?!