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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Many thanks to April, Stacy, and Sharon, for sharing their thoughts and comments (see entry posted Thursday 08 June).

I've never considered leaving myself a phone message or recording a memo on my mobile when inspiration hits me when I'm out. I bought half a dozen notebooks today (and pens), and I now have one in every room of the house (even the shower-room, LOL).

I also realise I could be more organised with my files on the computer too.

All great advice, thanks :-)


Karen Erickson said...

I really really need to write down my ideas more. I've been thinking about getting a voice recorder too - carry it in my purse or something cos my mind wanders when I drive (scary!) and I come up with some great stuff that way.

I need more notebooks. :) :) I need to copy you and go buy more!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...


I now have all these empty notebooks, and I'm going from room to room ready for inspiration to hit me, but, guess what - it doesn't!

Hmm... I'm wondering if I've jinxed the whole process now, lol!

Stacy Dawn said...

You're welcome.

Yes, doesn't it always work that way but inspiration will come!

Sharon J said...

Don't worry, the ideas will soon start rolling in. It's just that right now you're waiting for them so they aren't happening. It's when you're mind's open they're most likely to turn up (and that's generally when it's most difficult to make a note, hence the mobile phone short cut).

I was standing in a shop the other day when I heard a woman say to her friend "Poor sod looked like a flower that had lost its vase". Obviously, I couldn't let that one go, could I? Even though I was laden down with bags and stuff. I couldn't write but I could manage to leave a message on my mobile.