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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tired Thursday

I have reached the point where I am feeling overwhelmed by everything.

We visited our new house yesterday and it was very depressing. To cut a long story short the previous tenants wrecked the place. The agents have faithfully promised that everything will be in order before they hand over the key - in eight days time no less!

I'm not convinced. They've achieved very little during the past three weeks, so what's going to make the next 8 days any different?

I feel so tired/fatigued right now that I can't face the thought of not only having to get our own property up to scratch, but being left with a tip in the new place to sort out before we can even think about moving in.

DH, bless him, is ferociously trying to finish TWO TMAs that are due in the next few days, so that he can then concentrate on packing etc. And I thought I was under pressure! Not only that, but he's trying to keep my spirits up too.

Well, I'm overdosing on the prayers, and with a little help from Him upstairs and my family, I can only have faith:


April said...

I'll add my prayers to the effort. In my "day job" we deal with rentals too. It's sad, because sometimes you never see the wreck coming. We just had very nice tenants, an attorney not less, move out and they wrecked the place, including spraying weed killer in the shape of the F*** word in the back yard. So we're having to have the grass and soil in the 3 x 6 foot area dug up and resodded.

I hope they get everything done in time!!!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks April.

It is sad. These agents never saw the wreck coming either; they've even had to replace the kitchen. I still can't work out how there came to be so many holes in the walls and doors :-/.

These tenants never went as far as the attorney did on the grass - they just didn't touch the garden. It consists of very overgrown grass and weeds, and all the fence panels have been kicked in. [sigh]

If the owners of the house could see it (they live in Scotland) they would be heartbroken.

We're looking forward to bringing some much needed love and tlc to the property.