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Friday, July 14, 2006

Thinking, thinking and MORE thinking!

Yep, you've got it, I've been thinking! (Normally I'd call it procrastinating, but not until I officially get back to 'work').

In my head I'm planning all the writing I'm going to be doing, and it's got me wondering about which name/s I should be writing under.

My first project is to finish my manuscript for HMB, but there are other things I want to write too. Should I use a different name for HMB and another for the other projects? I always planned to write romance under my children's names 'Charlotte Alexander' but then I decided I'd rather use my own name (Susan Rix) because it would feel weird to answer in real-life to my daughter's name...

The main problem is (and I've got my optimistic head on here, because I'm assuming that I will eventually achieve publication) I don't want to cheat my readers. They could pick up a 'Susan Rix' or 'Charlotte Alexander' expecting a contemporary romance or inspirational read and would be offended to find sensual or Jesus/God references etc., depending on the genre.

I also hope to write non-fiction articles. (Yep, right now I want to write everything!). I don't want to have to use loads of different names, but perhaps that's the only way around it? And if so, which should I use my 'real' name for?

Dilemmas, dilemma's! What would you do?


Karen Erickson said...

Hmm, this name thing is hard. I LOVE Charlotte Alexander. That sounds nice. :) I say if you do romances and children's books - you should have two different names. Non-fiction articles as well? Use one of the two names. Three names and you might have mass confusion.

I know I would confuse MYSELF if I had too many names, LOL!

Stacy Dawn said...

good for you!

Sharon J said...

It's because I write non-fiction articles that I'll probably use a different name for fiction as I really don't want the two to cross.

It is a bit of a dilemma, I'll grant you that, but a luxury problem really, don't you think?

And yes... you WILL get there one day so it's right that you're thinking of this now.

Kate Hardy said...

I use different names for fiction and non-fiction. I used to do a lot of health journalism, so I needed space between the medical journalism and the medical romance. Also means readers know what to expect.

As Sharon says, it's a good idea to plan. Mull over the name that feels 'right' for you.

And KEEP GOING! Persistence is all.

leytbloomer said...

lols. i never thought having a name on writing. or i just didnt notice i have one because my blog is one of my hiding place. no single sould who i know, knows about it.

thanks for visiting my blog!!

good luck on you career!


April said...

I think when you write two things that are nearly polar opposites, you need different names. And although some people seem like they can do it, I don't know that I could keep up with too many different names myself.

Lynette said...

Yes, I think it would be a good idea if you had a different name for certain things.

At the moment, I write non-fiction under my own name of Lynette Rees and also write romantic suspense under the same name, however if I were to write for say, Ellora's Cave, then I would definitely use a different name.

I have written a children's story under my own name, but if I was trying to get a book published in that genre, I think I would change my name also.

At the moment, I'm happy to be known as Lynette Rees for both my romantic suspense and magazine writing, but who knows, that could all change before too long!