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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Good News, Some Thank Yous, and a mini-relapse

On the writing front, things are on the up :-). I can't tell you how relieved I am, because for a while there I thought I'd literally lost the plot!

The inspiration for my wip didn't magically come back to me. No. Writing is never that easy! It was more the magical journey that Mags initially sent me on. She pointed me in the direction of Trish Wylie's blog (thank you Mags). It was here I spent many (worthwhile, guilt-free) hours, reading all Trish's present and archived posts. There I discovered an Aladdin's lamp -
only you don't need to rub this lamp - all you have to do is read the posts! Seriously, Trish's blog is a real treasure trove of advice and inspiration to the aspiring writer.
Thank you Trish.

From Trish's blog I made a trip to Anne McAllister's. I've been reading Anne's blog for a while now, and her books for decades. Her recent post A moment to remember posted on 01 August, struck gold with me. Over the past couple of months I've been having serious doubts, and even questioning whether I've ever really been a writer. After all, as of yet, I can't prove that I am (other than the rejection slips and stacks of unfinished manuscripts)! Following her post, Anne gave me some wonderful advice which I have put into practice and discovered it's been the key to getting me writing again! I urge you to go and read Anne's post (you'll need to scroll down), because for me it's also a reminder of why I keep coming back to writing time and time again. Thank you Anne.

Now to my final thanks of this post. Yesterday, my dh spent some quality time with me (while we were sitting in a garage, waiting for our car to be serviced), brainstorming ideas and helping me finally come up with a working title. Our time together was so successful that I not only have a title, but I have enough ideas/outline to write another three or four chapters! Yayyy, I'm going to get past this awful Chapter Four! Thank you Gray.

Okay, time to share my not-so-good news. I'm having a mini-relapse with the MS. Nothing too serious - both hands are permanently numb and tingling. They've been like it for over a week now (these sensations often come and go all the time, but at the moment it seems they're here to stay). I can type, albeit slowly on the keyboard, but that's about it. I can't write with a pen, and do other 'normal' stuff like driving because I can't feel the steering wheel etc. I'm also experiencing regular bouts of vertigo too which limits my time on the computer.

I'm going to play a waiting game. When my legs or eyes are affected I usually hit the steroids, but this time I'm hoping to wait it out. My hands will come back sooner or later, and now we've moved to a town the children aren't dependent on me. So all that's left for me to do is relax, be patient and WRITE...


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, hugs on the MS flare-up. How frustrating that must be for you. But you sound so positive about it. Good for you!

And of COURSE you're a writer! Just the fact that you keep at it and haven't given up just proves it. :-)

Glad you had a great brainstorming session and that you're rarin' to go on the writing front!

Karen Erickson said...

When inspiration strikes it's a wonderful thing. Glad to hear it's going good for you.

Sorry about the MS flare up. No fun. Just take care of yourself - you know what's best for you.


Tempest Knight said...

Sorry to hear about MS flare up. Take it easy on the writing front. Perhaps getting one of those softwares that types while you speak might help some.

Happy to hear you've got your writing groove back! *smiles*

Jacqui D. said...

I hope you are able to find some relief. My step-step mom suffers from MS and it can be debilitating at times.

You should consider getting a digital recorder and installing the software that comes with it or getting Dragon Naturally speaking and using a mic to translate your words into type. They have really made great progress in these digital tools and I use it all the time. Mine was about $75.00 canadian and it included Dragon Naturally Speaking software with it...you could save money getting the recorder without the software but it doesn't make sense to me unless you don't need it to translate. It take a bit to train the software to recognize your speech but it is worth it.

I wish you much success with the ideas you have (sometimes husbands can be so handy eh?)

Annie said...

Sorry about the ms flare up, Sue. I was going to recommend the use of a digital recorder but see others have already come up with that idea. Even a simple, old-fashioned tape recorder would help you store your ideas if you can't get them down on paper. Whatever you do, hope you feel better soon.

April said...

Hugs on the flare up!

Glad you got some done. And rest up. The more you rest, the more likely you are to get back at it soon!

Sharon J said...

Just popped over to say I'm off now (assuming Blogger lets me post a comment, that is). Glad you've found your muse again and Sue, slap you hand will you? Even if you can't feel it, you'll know you've done it, because how can you possibly think you're not a writer when you're still bloody writing even though you can hardly use your hands? Tsk!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and support. You know something, you guys really do make life more bearable when things aren't so great. :-)
I've noted your ideas about using a digital recorder etc. It's a great idea, thanks.
And Sharon, ROFL - it's good to see you back even though you're 'gone' again!!
Sue :-)

Devon Ellington said...

Feel better soon. I'm thinking of you.