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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coming Out From My Hiding Place

I didn't think anybody would notice that I haven't been around on the 'net so much these past few days - thanks Sharon, you've nudged me out from my hiding place!

Things haven't been so great on the health-front. My hands still haven't recovered fully and I'm hoping the symptoms I'm left with aren't permanent. But it's not just my hands that are causing problems, it's that I'm often feeling generally yucky and unwell. This then leads to me having a 'down' spell which has repercussions on my writing.

The good news is that today I have my neurologist appointment, and I'll finally get to talk to a doctor who understands a little more than I do about what's going on - that's me being optimistic. Or, with the luck I've been having lately, perhaps I should be realistic: I may come away wondering why I've wasted my time...