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Friday, September 01, 2006

A Recommended Read...

The Italian Doctor’s Bride transports the reader to the remote Scottish village of Lochanrig, where the fragile Dr. Hannah Frost proves to be an expert when dealing with her patients – although a traumatic incident in her past has left her personal life barren and impersonal. Into Hannah’s life comes Dr. Nic di Angelis, a gorgeous Italian doctor with his own heartbreaking history. Margaret McDonagh’s book charts the trials and tribulations of the two doctors as they gradually build a relationship over a period of six months.

The strength of the story lies in the characterisation. Readers gradually warm to the icy heroine, Hannah, as her story progresses, and it's a delight to watch the Italian hero as he slowly thaws her cool exterior. In Nic di Angelis, Margaret McDonagh has created a stunning, well-rounded romance hero whose presence on the page guarantees a good read. Plus, he’ll doubtlessly melt the hearts of any female reader.

The book is very fast-paced and packs plenty of incident into the storyline. Margaret McDonagh exploits the dangers offered by the rural location well and provides the reader with all manner of accidents. These are balanced with the sometimes upsetting illnesses of the various villagers. However the medical setting of the story is rightfully kept in the background and never impedes on the blossoming romance between the two central characters.

The dialogue is sparky and the romantic scenes aren't repetitive. Margaret McDonagh provides a well-crafted and highly enjoyable read in this, her debut for Harlequin Mills and Boon.

Rating: 5/5


Karen Erickson said...

Ssssh, I'm admitting something...

I've only read one medical in my life. And it was a freebie I rec'd at RWA Nationals last year.

That guy on the cover is hot!


Margaret McDonagh said...

I am so flattered and honoured that you read and enjoyed my book, thank you so very much for the fabulous review and comments. You've really made my day - and upped the sale of tissues!

Good luck with your own writing and finishing that manuscript.

Many thanks,

Jade said...

Sounds like an excellent book, Sue. I hope you're doing well.

Cyber Hugs,