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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sticking With My Hero

I have no choice, it really is making my mind up time. Part One of Book With Trish involves casting our hero.

I've been having problems with my w-i-p from the beginning. This stems from where I didn't plan anything. Shocking isn't it? I was so eager to get started with the actual writing that I didn't spend enough time discovering who my characters were.

Some of you may remember that my hero started out as Goran Visjnic. This was my first mistake. Gorgeous though Goran is he can't possibly be Matt because Matt is British. For a while George Clooney tried to save the day, but Matt isn't George either - he isn't that cheeky nor so easy to look at all the time.

Matt has been through the wars emotionally and he's carrying around with him a lot of guilt and regret about the past. It's not easy to break down the barriers he's erected to keep people at a distance.

I posted a while ago that Clive Owen was now my hero, but if truth be told I still hadn't paid enough attention to him. I didn't even know for sure whether Clive portrayed Matt how I saw him. Until today.

I finally made a real effort to look for lots of different pics of Clive, in a bid to decide whether he was Matt or whether I needed to search for another hero. Here's a sample of what I found:

I don't need to waste anymore time wondering whether I have the 'right' person for my hero. Clive Owen is Matt, and I've found enough different photos to show him in every mood (these three photos are just the tip of the stash I'm hoarding).

I'm now going to go and complete my character sheet in detail, which I'm ashamed to say I was too lazy to do before.


Sharon J said...

Why ashamed, Sue? If there's one thing I've learned through being around other writers it's that every writer has their own way of working. Some plot, some don't. Some develop their characters before they start writing, some develop them as they go along. Some have nothing more than a whisper of an idea when they start writing and then let the characters take them off on an unknown journey (I'm guessing that in these cases, the story's in their subconscious).

To be honest, I think worrying over not writing the right way or planning properly is probably more debilitating than useful. You're the only person in the world who writes the way you do. Others can advise but only you can know what does and doesn't work for you.

Personally, I can't do the "famous person for a hero/heroine" thing. I've tried but it just doesn't work for me. My characters develop as I write and stay with me in my head. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another so please don't beat yourself up because you didn't start writing your story in the same way as such-and-such a person.

Sharon xx

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

This is true Sharon, but deep down I know it's laziness that stops me taking the time to plan anything.

I've learned a lot about myself since starting this wip though, and even since doing part one of Trish's workshop.

I now have 5 pages of a character worksheet filled in for my hero, and I'm realising that I did need to start the story before knowing these things.

And the best thing - I've stopped beating myself up :-D.

Sue :-)

Diane said...

Clive has those rugged good looks, doesn't he? I quite liked him as King Arthur.

Melissa Marsh said...

Sigh...I love Clive. I had a dream about him once and he kissed me. Oh, to dream of that every night...

Zinnia said...

I'm not familiar with this guy, but he is very nice looking.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Diane, I haven't watched King Arthur yet - thanks for reminding me, I'm going to add it to hubby's dvd rental list.

Melissa, now why don't I have dreams like that?!

Thanks for dropping by Zinnia.

Sue :-)

Zinnia said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, wow, you like Philippa Gregory too! Cool! Did you know her sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl is out now? I can't wait to read it! http://www.philippagregory.com/index.shtml

Zinnia said...
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Karen Erickson said...

Glad you found your hero. ;)

Stacy Dawn said...

Love the bottom picture!

Good for you and good luck!

Sharon J said...

As long as you're sure it's laziness and you're not pushing yourself into writing in a way that doesn't fall naturally for you then that's good :)

And I'm glad you've stopped beating yourself up. You don't deserve that! You put up with an awful lot that most people would moan and groan about but you get on with and you do what you can in whatever way's right for you.

Sharon xx