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Monday, September 18, 2006

Trish's Workshop

Can you believe that this workshop is working for me? I already had my w-i-p before it began, but it has cemented everything into place, and has given me confidence that I do know who my characters are and where I'm going with them.

Here's Kate and Matt


and this is where Matt lives.

I've surprised myself by how much having these pictures help me. On the wall next to my computer I now have a collage. I've even got pics of the interior of Matt's home as well as a floor plan, and it genuinely helps me make my writing feel more real and believable. It also makes the research lots of fun.

However, I've now learned that I did need to start the writing process beforehand. If I hadn't I wouldn't have known that this is where Matt lives. I wouldn't have known that it was the property he and his young wife fell in love with, and that she never lived long enough to move into her dream home with him. Consequently, I also wouldn't have known that lovely though it is, it hasn't been made into a home. Matt has merely been existing these past two years since her death.

Lots of things have fallen into place for me since starting Trish's workshop, and the scenes are finally beginning to flow. All because I've disciplined myself to sit down and get to know my characters.

It's making a huge difference to me knowing I'm not on my own with this process. Just reading other people's progress etc. helps spark off my own ideas. If you find yourself flailing about with your wip - regardless of the genre - I strongly urge you to drop by the workshop.


Melissa Marsh said...

Sounds like you're doing AWESOME, Sue! Good for you!

Stacy Dawn said...

Good for you!

Sharon J said...

Sounds like things are really moving for you now, Sue :-)

When you're finished with that house, can I move in?

Jacqui D. said...

I love clive owen!

And I think the new steps you are taking must be making a huge difference ( i can tell by your blog you seem so much more satisfied)

I'm going to try that workshop when I'm finished my other one. :D thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Josie said...

Clive Owen is one of my favorites and he's been the inspiration for some of my heroes as well. You have good taste!