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Sunday, October 15, 2006

"The Dirty Dancer is on his knees..."

... Now, here's a surprise. In today's Mail on Sunday, Katie Nicholl says:
West End show GUYS AND DOLLS appears to be a tough act. Sarah Lancashire pulled out last year because of illness and I hear Hollywood's Patrick Swayze is having difficulty filling Neil Morrissey's dancing shoes.

When he started in July, the 54 year old DIRTY DANCING star, who plays Nathan Detroit, missed a number of performances after developing 'respiratory problems'. Now he has missed several more shows because of a sore knee.

"The cast think the excuses are pretty poor and audience members have started complaining, too," a source revealed. "One woman came to see the show three times last month just to see Patrick but he never showed".

I'm told bets have been laid on how many more shows the actor, who starred in the film GHOST, will miss before the end of his run next month.

Hmm... shall I try and make it third time lucky to see Swayze? Let me think for all of 0.001 of a second - NO WAY!

I talked to many lovely people on my last wasted trip to the theatre, and the general consensus is that Swayze should have quit graciously the first time he became 'ill', instead of taking all the kudos for a show that he rarely stars in.

Let's face it, not only is he past it, but he's also arrogant and uncaring of the trouble many people have gone to time and time again to see him. What's worse is how he's letting the rest of the cast members down. Every show they have to perform is in front of people who are usually seething by Swayze's absence.

All credit should go the cast, because once the show begins the disappointed audience soon get swept away by the professionalism of the real stars.


Melissa Marsh said...

AMEN! I would have thought better of Patrick Swayze. And wow - he's 54 already???

Stephanie Bose said...

How disappointing! I always thought he was such a good guy... now I don't!

And cool about your man and his newfound interest in M&B. You're a lucky woman, Sue :)

Karen Erickson said...

Sounds like Mr. Swayze is a jerk. How disappointing.

Sharon J said...

And to think I used to see him a real down-to-earth, honest type of guy.

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive he would let his fans down like that