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Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Introduction...

Hi Guys,

I'd just like to introduce myself as 'Gray', aka MsCreativity's other half. I know that I will already be familiar to some of Sue's regular readers, and on that note I'd like to thank everyone who offered their well wishes for the exam I took yesterday. I'm not a very prolific blogger but I'd like to pop up here every now and then to offer my two cents worth...

Anyway, one of my overriding desires is to increase the status of genre fiction in the publishing world. I'm sick and tired of people looking down on non-literary works of fiction, labelling romance stories as "rubbish" and horror novels as "crass". While I enjoy literary fiction, I openly admit that genre fiction is a lot more fun to read and often highly entertaining. My tastes have always run towards the darker side of writing - I'm talking crime, detective, thriller, horror etc. - but recently Sue has got me into Mills & Boon, and I have to say I'm loving them. Why shouldn't a guy enjoy HMB stories too? After all, there's always a heroine to fall in love with and a hero to root for; it's just kind of like reading the stories back to front when compared to a female reader. Plus, if an author can get a guy to enjoy her book as much as a woman, then she's definitely doing a good job.

My introduction to the genre was THE ITALIAN DOCTOR'S BRIDE by Margaret McDonagh and I have to say that I absolutely ADORED it, containing ALL of the qualities I wanted to find in the genre. I'm hoping to find many other stories of a similar quality and in the meantime I'm going to start working on my own HMB novel, to be co-authored with Sue. Things are strictly confidential at the moment but it's going to be a sweeping historical romance with the emphasis on the ROMANCE. Watch this space :^)


Melissa Marsh said...

Hi, Gray! Wow, Sue is so lucky to have a good man like you who supports her and who also loves and defends the genre she writes.

Good luck on writing your very first HMB novel!

Margaret McDonagh said...

Now I am blushing all over again! Thank you so much for your generous words about my book, Gray, I much appreciate it and am so glad you enjoyed it.

Congratulations on the exam and the completion of the OU studies. Been there, know what it is like, especially waiting until Christmas for the results. I'm sure you'll be fine. And with all the exciting projects you and Sue have planned, I hope you won't miss the study too much.

Best wishes,

Sharon J said...

You and Sue are obviously a great couple and I truly wish you both the very best of luck with everything from writing romance and getting a good degree to having a wonderful life together doing everything you dream of doing.