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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trish's Pineapple

I couldn't disappear into my cave without first mentioning this book. I finished reading it this morning, and as usual Trish Wylie blows me away!

Knowing just how much Trish struggled with writing this book made this read even more special for me. As a reader I would have wondered what had made this book a 'pineapple', because it flows so easily and is such a joy to watch the story unfold. As a writer, I can feel the pain.

This book is full of emotion from start to finish. I loved both Maggie and Sean from the very first page. IMO the fact that they are two wonderful characters, with nothing to dislike in their personalities, makes it a VERY difficult story to write.

Trish has been blogging on eHarlequin this month and if you want to learn more about how this story became the 'pineapple', it's well worth a visit.

And, if you want a read that keeps you riveted from start to finish, O'Reilly's Bride is the book for you. Currently available on eHarlequin, Amazon for UK Readers, and Amazon.com

*quickly scurrying back to my cave to work on my own pineapple...*


Sharon J said...

Funnily enough, I didn't much enjoy O'Reilly's Bride. I didn't like Maggie very much and felt she was being unfair in not even being willing to give Sean a chance to say how he felt about the baby thing and there was a bit too much word repition. But that's just my view and that's one of the great things about the book world - there's something for everyone!

In contrast, I loved "Her Unexpected Baby". Trish had me gripped from the first page and I grabbed the book everytime I had a moment to read, even if all I could get time for was a few lines! But maybe that one wouldn't be somebody else's first choice.

I don't think I've yet come across a writer whose every book has been one I've loved. Not even Stephen King or Liz Fielding, and that's saying something :-)