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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

*'Feline Catty' for Children in Need

This is my daughter in a practice run for College on Friday when she's hoping to raise money for BBC's Children in Need appeal.

With a little help from her Nan's knitting skills, and some artistic talent of her own, Charlotte's *'feline' more than a little catty!

Good Luck sweetie, and remember, every penny helps!

*play on words pinched from Gray's joke...!


S William said...

Great costume :)

And keep up the good work with NaNo. Only 20K to go. Write! Write! Write!

Caroline said...

Great costume!
And impressive art skills - I love that it is a 'practice run!' :-)

Annie said...

A cool cat indeed. Hope you raise loads of money, Sue's daughter, and hope mum reaches her writing target!

Sharon J said...

She looks absolutely fabulous! (Why does it always sound so naff to say that nowadays?)

I love the make-up. Did she do it all herself?

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, she did it all herself. I got a shock when she came into the bedroom yesterday, because I didn't know she was planning a practice run!

It's weird, because she doesn't look anything like herself - not even her facial features. Scary!!

Sue :-)

Melissa Marsh said...

She looks great!

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pics! Hope she raised tons.