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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mystery Solved - Thanks Sharon!!

Thanks to Sharon over at the Waterbutt, I now know that it's the actual Zokutou website that's been suspended and not any of us. PHEW!!!

also pointed me in the right direction for getting another word counter.

Many thanks for getting me out of my flap, Sharon!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Nicole Reising said...

Thanks for the link!


Sharon J said...

Blimey, Sue! Your hair's sure grown while you've been sat at the computer!

I don't like the visual effect of these word counters as much as the old ones but aren't they so much easier to use? For that alone, I love them :-)

Karen Erickson said...

I wonder what happened to Zokutou? So weird...

Caroline said...

Yes - Sharon J sorted me out too.
I was worried for a while and (as pathetic as it is)I stopped writing when the word meter was down.
Have fub with NaNo.

Sharon J said...

Would you look at that, Sue! Past the half way mark! Way to go, girl :-)