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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As Sharon noticed yesterday I've finally reached the 50% marker of my book!!! I was too tired then to celebrate, but please join me today with a glass of whatever you fancy, or as is more likely in my case, a cup of tea and choccy biscuit!

I've not found the past two days very easy, but I think I've finally found my 'groove' with my writing. It's taken me long enough - I've been working on and off this book (more off than on!) since March 2006!!

I now have a realistic timetable. The first draft will be finished by the 30th November, or soon after. I'm then putting it aside and allowing myself to enjoy the run up to Christmas. Of course, I'll also subconsciously be working on plotting and getting to know my next characters.

In the New Year I'll either, write the draft of my next book (or if I don't 'know' it enough), I'll return to polish and rewrite the one I've finished. Whatever happens, by April next year I'll have one book polished and FINISHED (hopefully submitted either to the RNA or HMB) or (as I'm hoping) my first book will be submitted, my second finished in draft mode and brewing on my third... (can you see a pattern developing here?)

It's an exciting and scary plan all at the same time. But, what's dawned on me this past week or so is, with enough self-discipline and willpower, it IS achievable!

How are your writing plans shaping up?


Sharon J said...

Make mine a coffee and choccie biscuit too, please :-)

It really does sound as if you've got your routine sorted now, Sue. And that's g-r-e-a-t! The way you're planning to write sounds like the kind of thing you're going to need to do as an HMB author when they're demanding at least 4 books a year off of you so it's just as well to get used to the pace now.

My writing's coming along ok, except that I had a bit of a crash and lost my manuscript. I discovered I'd been saving it directly to the back-up and that's what went boobs upwards! Oh well, not to worry. Life throws these things at us to test our commitment, right?

I've also had a lot on with the freelance stuff lately (I'm not complaining - it puts food on the table) so haven't had as much time as I'd have liked to dedicate to writing stories but things go up and down when you're self employed so I'm not fretting. The books will be finished when they're finished, it's as simple as that :-)

Margaret McDonagh said...

Congratulations on passing that halfway mark, Sue! I'm dead proud of you and you can do this. Good luck. I raise my mug of Innocent smoothie to you!!!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Sharon, here's your coffee - help yourself to the choccy biscuits.

I sure hope I have my routine sorted now. If I'm still going strong in another couple of weeks, I'll start to believe it's real!

Ouch on the computer crashing and losing your manuscript. I now (when I remember!) email myself my updated manuscript, so if the worse happens I won't lose everything.

Even if you're not always able to write fiction, at least you've disciplined yourself to write. It's far more important to put food on the table. If you can write under pressure (which you obviously can), I've no doubt that one day you'll get there with your novels.

Sue :-)

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Aww thanks Mags!

When you've finished your smoothie I've stocked up on some more - strawberry okay? Help yourself to the choccy biscuits.

Sue :-)

Karen Erickson said...

Yay Sue! It sounds like you're on your way - good for you! Be proud of your accomplishments.

NaNo is a great push. ;)

Annie said...

Congratulations on reaching the 50% marker, Sue! Keep up the good work. Cheers (hot chocolate and a Hobnob)!

Stephanie Bose said...

Sounds like an awesome plan! Congrats on the progress... you're going to be heading towards the finish line now!

Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on your NaNo! You're doing awesome! Keep it up!

Stacy Dawn said...

Awesome! Good for you!

Melissa Marsh said...

Great job!!! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things after my trip, but I hope to dive into my edits this month. :)

Caroline said...

Any coffee and biscuits left????
Fantastic news! You're a star - keep going.

Nicole Reising said...

Congrats!!!! Have fun crossing that finish line to the end!


April said...

Go Sue, Go! Having a plan definately helps I think. Hmm... maybe I need to make one of those!

keep up the good work!

Jessica Raymond said...

Congratulations, Sue! I love getting "in the zone". Wish I was there right now, LOL! I have two novellas I need to start -- one has all its planning in place, the other is still a two-line scrawl on a notepad. Why, *why* does it take me so long to get started!

I will toast you with my Whittards of Chelsea "Hot Toddy" instant drink mix. Whisky, honey, and lemon flavour (and it's non-alcofrolic). Yum!

Jess x