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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The plans I made (back in Nov 2005) for 2006 went pear-shaped. I started the year with these intentions:
  • Taking a year off from my Open University degree
  • Joining the RNA in January
  • Working on my Writers Bureau course
  • Working on my Chapter House course
  • Writing, polishing and submitting a M&B Medical Romance
  • Bon Jovi concert
And I had no idea I'd have to schedule in these plans:
  • We'd be moving again.
  • My health would be so bad.
  • My son would have to change schools.
  • Writing would become so hard
  • I'd change my mind about writing a Medical.
But neither did I plan:
  • that I'd start a Blog
  • that I'd meet so many wonderful people in Blogworld
  • that real friendships would establish from these
  • that my faith in Jesus would grow despite everything
  • that I'd move to a town and love it
  • that my children would be happier with the move
  • that I'd start making real friends with real people in the real world
  • that I'd become Editor of the local MS Society branch newsletter
  • that I'd become a Committee member of the above
  • that I'd love living closer to my in-laws
  • that both my children would do so well with their education
  • that I'd learn so much about my writing
For a while, I've felt disappointed with what I haven't achieved this past year. There have been many disappointments and many times when I've felt that everything's gone 'wrong'. But, when I look back, I suddenly realise it really hasn't been all bad. Hard, yes, but so many good things have come out of these things that it makes everything worthwhile and I wouldn't change a thing (except for my health for obvious reasons).

Perhaps 2006 hasn't been such a bad year after all.


Bailey Stewart said...

God answers things in His way and it's up to us to see them. I'm glad you were able to find the good things.