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Thursday, December 14, 2006



Gray received his final exam results today - he has achieved a 2:1 degree classification from the Open University!

I can't begin to tell you how much this means to us. It's the result of four year's hard work and dedication. The past two years has seen Gray studying full-time on top of everything else he's had to contend with.

His dream has always been to get a 2:1 classification, but there was always a chance he'd graduate with a 2:2, which although would have still found me celebrating, would have left Gray feeling disappointed.

Please join me in a toast to celebrate Gray's achievement:

BA (Honours) Humanities with English Language & Literature

and let's not forget the TWO diplomas:
English Language

Finally Gray can believe what I've always told him - that he can do it.
This is just the beginning of his success...


Margaret McDonagh said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Many congratulations, Gray, I am so delighted for you. I knew you would be fine! But I won't say I you so!! I know what an awful wait it is after the exams until the results come in December, so can imagine how anxious and impatient you have been. A fantastic achievement and very well deserved. Celebrate and enjoy every moment of your success.


S William said...

Grats :)

April said...


Trish said...


Well done!!!!

Jessica Raymond said...

This must be my fifth or sixth attempt at posting a comment (what is *up* with Blogger?!) so I hope it gets through:


Hope you both enjoyed a nice celebratory dinner yesterday :)

Jess x

Melissa Marsh said...

Let's see if I can post today...


Gray said...


Thanks so much for all of your positive comments. This is a goal I've had for the past ten years, so the shock of actually getting the 2:1 - and doing so much better than I thought I would - hasn't actually sunk in yet.

Sue and I have a lot to celebrate this Christmas, and I hope everyone else has a great one too. Thanks again!!

Many thanks


Caroline said...

Huge congratulations! I'm an AL for the OU and I know how determined you have to be to achieve an OU degree. It says so much about your strength and determination.

So many congrats and clink clink I toast to you.