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Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm Back!

Or at least my writing is :-D.

In the middle of the night on Wednesday (a few hours before we had even more to celebrate) my writing came back to me. Or rather my characters did.

As you’re probably all well aware of by now, at 30,000 words I lost my Medical. But, what you perhaps didn’t know is that I also lost my writing, per se. My brain became a dried up desert. Any new ideas were a mirage, as soon as I tried to grasp them they vanished.

I didn’t get it. Yes, I was disappointed that my Med could be no more, but why couldn’t I just get on with writing something else? Well, I now know the answer to that: My original characters wouldn’t let me!

Kate and Matt were real to me, with a real story to tell. The problem was they were stubborn, and as anybody who knows my character traits will tell you, I can be stubborn too. So what we had was a battle. I wanted to finish Kate & Matt’s story (I’m loyal too), but they wouldn’t stop being a midwife and an obstetrician, and I couldn’t work in a hospital setting anymore. They left me no choice; I had to drop them for the time being and move on to a new story. Only, as I’ve already mentioned, I’d become a desert where coming up with new characters and ideas were concerned.

Then out of the blue (or should I say the dark?!), when I should’ve been sleeping, Matt and Kate both spoke to me.

“We’re missing you.” Kate said.
Aww, bless her I thought, she’s so sweet. “I’m missing you too.”
“Okay, we give in.” Matt interrupted. “You win.”
“I do?” I queried.
“Yep. We’re ready to compromise!” he snapped. He didn’t seem very happy about it.
“What Matt’s trying to say is we’ll have a change of profession, if you keep our story the same.” Kate explained.
“Ah, I see.” I lied. I was so very tired, all I wanted was to go to sleep.
“I never liked being an obstetrician anyway.” Matt grumbled.
Ahh, I thought as I began to have a light bulb moment, so that’s why he kept confusing me by changing to a paediatrician whenever he thought I wasn’t looking.
“I liked my job as a midwife.” Kate reminded me, “I’m going to miss all those babies.”
Had I been in any doubt before I began to realise what a huge concession Kate and Matt were making.
“How about if you change to being a primary school teacher?” I offered.
“That’s what I’d been secretly hoping you’d make me!” Kate exclaimed.
“Now we’ve got that sorted,” Matt yawned, “I’m going back to bed.”
“Hey mister, you both woke ME up, remember?!”
“Yeah, yeah. Goodnight.” Matt disappeared taking Kate with him.

So, that’s where I stand with my writing! Kate & Matt are going to (fingers crossed) become suitable for the Romance line after all. But before I get stuck in, I have a little research to do…


Caroline said...

This is perfect. It is the voices that won't go away ... they tell you what to write. Now you have to.
Very exciting. Research away ...


Jessica Raymond said...

LOL: nice explanation :)

Good luck with the research!

Jess x

Margaret McDonagh said...

Good luck, Sue, you can do it. It's great that your characters are speaking to you and so real in your head. I love them already!


S William said...

Keep typing away.

Jill said...

Good luck, you can do it!