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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've Done It...

I think!

For anybody thinking of transferring their existing Blog to Beta Blogger:
  1. Copy and paste existing template into a Word (or other) document.
  2. Be warned - you WILL lose ALL side links and other personal data.
  3. Don't panic - IF you've saved the back-up copy of old template.
Oh, one other thing - don't choose an unnaturally busy time of year (eg. CHRISTMAS) to transfer your blog!!


Trish said...

Aaaahhh.... but if you get an invitation from Blogger on your dashboard page they automatically move it all over for you...

....Says the girl who c&p'd her own blog and THEN found out....


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hmm... they transferred my blog over (eg. posts/comments) BUT I received a warning telling me that when I upgrade to the new template I'll lose everything - and I did.

I'm confuddled! I spent ALL afternoon typing in all the links again, because there was no other way. Did your original template convert so you could add a page element?

Weird :-/

Sue :-)

Sharon J said...

I don't like Beta Blogger. It won't let me link to my blog from the comments. Elitist, that's what I say!

Jessica Raymond said...

Ooohh, annoying! I'm refusing to convert to Beta. I'll be like the person who refuses to go to CDs and downloads because they're happy with LPs ;)

Jess x