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Thursday, December 21, 2006


OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JASON DONOVAN is dropping in on MY town TONIGHT to appear at a special gala performance for ALADDIN.

My FIL is visiting today and kindly brought with him a copy of today's local paper where I read about it. Within seconds I was on the phone to the theatre and I managed to get two tickets (for DD & I) four rows from the FRONT. There were only SIX SEATS LEFT in total!!!!!!!!!


JASON DONOVAN - I've LOVED him ever since I saw him in the WEST END production of JOSEPH. And guess what? He isn't too high and mighty NOT to turn up when he's expected (Okay, so now I'm jinxing things again).

My wonderful hubby is kindly driving DD and I there and back, so even though I'm very vertigoed/dizzy I'll be okay. The theatre's only 5 mins away which means JASON is THAT close...!!!

My DD has TWO (note the correction!) friends in the show, and I also know someone in it too. We were planning to go and see it on the 29th (when we have a cousin from Australia staying with us), so now we're going to see it TWICE.

JASON DONOVAN!!!! (It was his performance in Joseph, that inspired me to go for my dreams and start writing back in 1991). Maybe seeing him again in 2006 will bring me further inspiration and I will submit a full manuscript in 2007. Maybe. You never know...


Sharon J said...

Well I suppose there's no accounting for taste! Patrick Swayze I could go along with... Jason Donovan, I think not! But what a mess we'd be in if we all fancied the same blokes!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

LOL!! I LOVE Jason for everything he's come through (as well as his singing/acting) etc., but I don't fancy him. Well, at least I didn't when he was on I'm a Celebrity... I'll keep you posted if/when that changes. ;-)

Ces said...

Sue, I don't know Jason Donovan but reading your post he must be worth your interest but Sharon sure does not fancy him especially after comparing him to Patrick Swayze. Have a great time! Oh and I promise to visit you routinely from now on. I always read your comments on Caroline's and Sharon's.

Karen Erickson said...

Have fun! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in so long - my bad.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season too!!!

Merry Christmas! ;)

Melissa Marsh said...

What a great early Christmas present! Have tons of fun, Sue!

Caroline said...

You are sooooooooo cool! ;-0

Can I come?

Amanda Ashby said...

Sue, I hope you have a fab time with Jason tonight (I used to love and adore his song, Nothing Can Divide Us, in fact I still have it on my iPod!!!)

Merry Christmas to you, Gray and the family.

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL, I can really sense your excitement! Have a great time :)

Jess x

Kate Hardy said...

Hope you had a fabulous time! (And yes, you *will* submit a full MS next year...)

Have a great Christmas. And I'll do your tag thing tomorrow. :o)

Sharon J said...

So how did it go? Come on... tell all!