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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lots to Celebrate on Blogworld

  • Pop over and welcome Julie's bundle of joy - WARNING he is the most gorgeous newborn EVER!!

  • Caroline didn't get Simon Cowell (a blessing in disguise maybe?), but she did get her pink socks!

  • Ces had her hostess symphony!

  • Trish gave a special treat to her Modern Extra readers... *phew*!!!


Caroline said...

Oh Julie's baby is so cute. I did not heed the warning. And I looked! Oh Oh Oh.
So cute. I want a baby. Oh oh oh.
Even cuter than my pink socks. Oh much cuter.

Michelle said...

Isn't he gorgeous? What a sweet little baby.

LOL on the Dream House. You know you wanted one for Christmas and you're jealous. :) Hee hee.

Ces said...

Julie's baby is the perfect Christmas present! Michelle is the Barbie Doll. Thanks for the link Sue. I love reading your Christmas post below!

Sharon J said...

He's a lovely baby, that's for sure, but I'm afraid he can't have the "most gorgeous newborn ever" title. That one belongs to Tom ;-)

Gary said...

Of those in your list I only visit Caroline adn Sharon and they are both beautiful women who deserve the best of everything whether thats pink socks or a fabulous family to spend the holidays with.

S William said...

Happy 2007. Here's hoping all your dreams and goals come true.

Melissa Marsh said...

Happy New Year, Sue!!!