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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A New Year, A New Blog

A new Blog in addition to this one, that is!

Gray reviewed a book this year that unfortunately turned out to be a no-go for the review site it was intended. Both Gray and I loved the story so much that we decided we needed to create a platform where we could post his review - and reviews for any other romance story unable to find a home.

I am now ready (or as ready as I'll ever be!) to go 'live' with this new Blog, so here are the details:

It's called ROMANCE REVIEWED. This is where both Gray and I plan to review every book we read from now onwards. These are going to be reviews with a difference (and this is where I feel a little nervous). Gray has been a professional reviewer since before I knew him, and as such, believes that if and when we come across a negative in a book (in our view), we should mention this too.

Being a writer, and knowing how hard a book is to write, I took some persuading that we should review all romance books - even those we haven't enjoyed (and explain the reason). Our review blog will have a section called Pet Peeves, and this is where we'll mention any personal views that niggle us.

The most important thing to remember when reading a review, is that it is ONE person's opinion. For example, books that Gray doesn't enjoy I LOVE and vice-versa. Any comments that either of us make are not intended to be personal against the author who wrote the book. Merely a reader's viewpoint and the feelings experienced while reading the book.

I feel I must point out that although the majority of my reading right now is category romance, this doesn't exclude any other type of romance. So, over the course of the coming year you'll hopefully find a mixture - including ebooks and chicklit.

We're happy to read and review most books, however, we do require an ebook to be available in book format too - i.e. paper. This is largely because we both spend enough time on the computer as it is, and we both like to hold a book in our hands when we're reading and take a break from the screen.

So, if you're an author of romance and you'd like us to review your book, please email us. If your book fits the rules of other review sites (e.g. PHS) then you'll get two reviews for the price of one because we'll adapt our reviews to fit those too.

Both Gray and I are happy to read more-or-less anything, but in fairness to the author requesting a review, I feel I have to warn you that my reading tends to be slower nowadays. Be assured that any book we are sent to review will be prioritised above our other reading.


Sharon J said...

Sounds interesting. Will definitelyq take a butcher's at it.

BTW, it was nice to 'come back' to find that you'd also 'come back'. I missed you while you weren't around.

Melissa Marsh said...

What a neat idea! :-)

Cole said...

Good luck on your new and added venture!

Jessica Raymond said...

Yay! This is such a great idea. I list all the books I've read on my blog as I finish them but it's not occurred to me before to say what I thought of them or give them a rating. Maybe I should?

Jess x