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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


PHEW, we made it!!!!!!!!

I'm very pleased to say I had the BEST New Year's EVER!!! I saw the New Year in with my children and Gray and I still managed to cook a big dinner the next day!! Not only that but Gray's Mum and Dad were both well enough to come over and spend the day with us! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

I confess I' ve come close today to having the heebiejeebies again at the thought of everything I'm planning to do from the 4th Jan, but I'm excited by the prospect too.

Today, I've even managed to walk 250m to the postbox to mail my application for the RNA's New Writers Scheme (NWS)!

I'm behind on catching up with my emails, and my Blogroll, and message boards, but I'm aiming to catch-up with everybody soon.

Love and Best Wishes for 2007!


Melissa Marsh said...

Sue, I'm SO HAPPY that you had such a great day! That's wonderful! Just take 2007 one day at a time and you'll do great!!!

India said...

Well done Sue for starting the new year on such a high note. That's got to be a sign of good things ahead in 2007, I'd say. Just remember that all those things you've planned are goals, not markers of success or happiness or achievement, and go easy on yourself as you reach for them. And good luck and happy new year!

Jessica Raymond said...

Yay, glad you had such a good NYE! And *congrats* on getting your RNA form sent off :)

Jess x

Sharon J said...

You walked 250 meters? That's terrific! I've decided to excercise more this year and, hopefully, build up more stamina.

I've really good feelings about you and the coming year - I'm sure it's going to be a happy one. Remember always that happiness comes from within, not from having a book published or cooking a fantastic meal - you can still be happy if those things go wrong (and a gazillion other things) because your life won't have been changed by them.

Caroline said...

Happy New Year my friend.
Wishes of health and happiness to you.