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Monday, January 08, 2007

Being Flexible

Do you remember me saying that one of my goals for 2007 (see full post here) was to:
  • Work with my health and towards achieving acceptance of my limitations.
When I wrote my last post (see below), I felt so confident that I'd be able to achieve this without too many problems. I felt in complete control last Thursday when I said, "So far so good, I'm up, dressed and settled downstairs...". Little did I know that my resolve would be tested as soon as the following day.

Since last Thursday I haven't managed to make it downstairs, let alone attempt a 250m walk. By the time I'd done my first hour's study last Thursday I was already feeling wiped out. For the remainder of that first day I struggled with trying not to feel like a failure - so much for acceptance, huh?

I'm happy to say that with Gray's help, I did refuse to feel defeated. He helped remind me that it had been a very busy week. He also helped me remember that I have to be flexible with my plans/goals.

'FLEXIBLE' - it's not always easy, but it is achievable. Everybody has goals, and everybody has something that, albeit invisible to 'outsiders', can make their goals difficult to achieve.

I believe everybody can benefit by learning to be flexible. What do you think?

Sue :-)
currently known as MsFlexibility ;-)


Melissa Marsh said...

I completely agree. Being flexible is key to achieving your goals. We can't always do what we plan because God usually has other ideas for us. :-)

Sharon J said...

Yes! Absolutely! Flexibility is key to living, surely? Plans are all well and good but you have to be able to step to the side when needed and take a different route because you just never know when the road's going to get dug up, do you?

I'm in bed writing this. Just because I'm too knackered to get up and do anything else doesn't mean I can't work though. You do what you do in whatever way you can do it.