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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Falling in Love...

... with an ellie or three!!

This past week my daughter and I have sat riveted at 7pm every evening to the BBC's Elephant Diaries.

I'd heard about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and became interested a while ago, and when my friend told me about this week's series of programmes, I knew I couldn't miss it.

Little did I know that seeing the poor orphaned ellies for myself in their natural habitat would make my desire to adopt one irresistable. Following the first programme Gray agreed that I could adopt one for my birthday pressie (end of April). I was happy with this suggestion for all of ten minutes, before I caved in to my urges and adopted one sooner rather than later!!

Gray, bless him, wasn't in the least bit surprised - he doesn't call me MsImpatient for nothing!

So, meet my baby ellie Chyulu:

She was born in May 2006, and her mother is believed to have been killed by poachers, leaving her orphaned. She was rescued when she was five months old.
Chyulu soon settled into the nursery, and here she is being looked after by one of the older orphaned ellie's Lualeni.

My enthusiasm seems to have started a trend - my daughter is considering asking for an adoption for her birthday (either for an ellie, or cheetah, or snow leopard...), and even my mother isn't unaffected by these baby orphans' plights.

My son hasn't been introduced to my latest 'baby' project yet, but DD is already planning to try and rescue my family of ornamental ellies that remain with her dad...


Margaret McDonagh said...

Wonderful to see my lovely Lualeni taking care of your little Chyulu. I hope Gray isn't too mad at me for introducing you to this!!! When I first saw the programme and work the Trust did back in July 2005, I just had to sponsor an ellie baby and Lualeni's story broke my heart. Great to know she is doing so well and I hope Chyulu will make just as good progress back to the wild. The dedication and devotion of the keepers is amazing.


Melissa Marsh said...

What a neat project! And that is the perfect birthday present to yourself. :-)