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Friday, January 19, 2007

Next on the 'To Do' List - DONE!

I've unsubscribed from the M&B Reader Service :-O.

This was another decision I didn't take lightly because I LOVE the new Romance series. But:
  • I need to get my book-buying under some kind of control. While it was wonderful automatically receiving all those Romance titles every month, they weren't all books I would've chosen to buy. This meant that I was still putting online orders in to HMB, which in turn meant I was spending loads!

  • I just can't keep up with the reading!! This happened to me back in 2005 when I was subscribed to the Medical series. I still have heaps of 2005 releases to read!

  • I want to read across the series - ModX, Modern, Medical...

  • I'm also looking forward to getting back to reading other books/genres including: John Grisham, Philippa Gregory, Barbara Erskine, and lots of new authors - including Caroline Smailes.
So, that's another decision done and dusted :-).


Melissa Marsh said...

Every little small accomplishment adds up to big rewards! :)

I can't justify book clubs because I am so selective with my reading. Besides, I really enjoy browsing the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Gives me an excuse to go be around books. :-)

Bailey Stewart said...

I used to automatically buy every Blaze and Intimate Moments that came out, but then realized that I wasn't enjoying them all, so I've had to be more selective. B&N and Borders gets me into more trouble though, so I have to avoid them.

I have a TBR pile next to the bed now, but I can't seem to get in to reading right now. Go figure.

Jessica Raymond said...

Go Sue! Productive week :)

I'm the same -- I wouldn't necessarily be tempted by every storyline and there's no way I could keep up with getting through my TBR shelf as it is without adding regular monthly deliveries.

Jess x

Karen Erickson said...

Aaah, so many books, so little time. I understand what you're saying...


Magnolia said...

That's the same reason I unsubscribed. I'd get books that weren't my taste.

Ces said...

I understand why you should unsubscribe to monthly book subscriptions. I did it once with the Franklin Library but these were books that I have already read, all the classics. I just subscribed because they were made for archival storage, gold leafed, gilded, beautifully bound. There were 50 of them, very expensive BUT I have read these books over and over throughout the years.

Caroline said...

OMG OMG! You're going to read my novel!!!!!