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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


... (I think) my writing's on its way back. :-D

I was unable to make my regular Weds appointment this morning because of the snow, but Gray and I did make it out to feed the local ducks.

I came back feeling invigorated from the fresh air, and guess what? My hero crept up on me and filled me in on his back-story/internal conflicts, etc.!!!!

So, I now have four pages of an outline document:
  • I know who my heroine is.
  • I know her back-story and internal conflicts.
  • I know where she works.
  • I know my hero.
  • I now know his back-story and internal conflicts
  • I know where he works.
  • I know where in the world the setting/location is.
All that remains for me to work out now is:
  • A clearer picture of the story's locality.
  • Research information and find a picture of heroine's house
  • Same as above but for hero.
  • Learn more about hero's little half-brother.
  • Learn my way around hero/heroine's place of work.
When I've done these things I'll finally be ready to write a draft of Chapter One - I've already mapped out/outlined what I think will happen.

The best things about my forthcoming WIP are
1/ that I'm enjoying it,
2/ I don't feel in a rush
(well, I do a little bit, but I'm in control and determined not to rush a single word but to take my time).

Already this year I've learned (and accepted) that I won't be able to write a full outline/synopsis in advance. I may be able to outline a chapter in advance, but I need to be writing my characters' story for them to show me what happens. No way am I going to try telling them!

I may learn things the hard way, but at least I am learning, and that's something I'm thankful for.

Look out for future posts where I'll introduce you to my hero and heroine.

Sue :-)

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Ces said...


I am so happy for you. What a great feeling it must be.

I am trying to catch up with your blog. You have many intersting posts that I missed. I will be back especially to read more about the baby elephant.

I am with you. Ivory is only beuatiful when it is on an elephant!!!

Ces said...

Darn! I can't see very well typing here in the dark. Please overlook my typographical errors above!

Jessica Raymond said...

Hurrah, Sue! Glad he finally decided to tell you something about himself ;) And feeding the ducks sounds *lovely*

Jess x

Melissa Marsh said...

Yay, Sue! So glad you are enjoying your writing right now. That is so important in this entire process. Hope it keeps up for you!