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Monday, January 08, 2007

Uh oh, notice anything different...?

No? Are you sure? Take a look up there .

Not only has my working title changed, but I'm also at the planning stage of my new WIP. Yes, I did say new WIP, as in, not a rewrite/rehash of my old characters in a different plot.

Confession time: As of yesterday, Kate and Matt have been (albeit reluctantly) filed away to the 'prospective manuscripts' drawer!!! I tried and tried, and then tried some more, but although Kate transferred across to my new ideas, Matt (surprise, surprise) wouldn't settle. His back-story just refused to fit in with the new structure.

The good news is I've decided not to separate them. Kate and Matt are staying together. I could've moved Kate across and ditch Matt for a new hero, but that didn't feel right. Then I had another to create brand new characters to go with the brand new plot.

All I need to do now is hope and that I've learned loads from my experiences in 2006 and that I do things the right way round this time (regardless of how long it takes), and that I remember, it isn't a ... Easy, right?!!


Caroline said...

Why not join Kate Harrison's novel racers?

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

For a second I was almost tempted to join, but I have a couple of reasons why I don't think I should:
1. I won't even be ready to write the words 'Chapter One' for another couple of weeks.
2. I've promised myself that I'm not going to 'race'.
Thanks for the idea though - I'll keep an eye out for your progress.

Sue :-)

Jessica Raymond said...

Yay, Sue! Glad to see the potato is no longer watching TV. (Is he a potato? He looks like one!)

I sometimes find shelving work and starting something new is the right thing to do. The Little Shop of Dreams was something I'd shelved and then reworked and it got published. I'm just about to start reworking another shelved project, too.

Good luck!!

Jess x

Sharon J said...

I agree with you, Sue. Writing a novel shouldn't be a race. It should develop at a pace that's right for you (and for the story) and as every writer works differently and every novel has varying amounts of research needed, I'm not entirely comfortable with these 'races' and the likes.

Like I've said before, I really think this is going to be a good year for you :)

Melissa Marsh said...

Do it at your own pace, Sue, and you'll be just fine. :)