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Friday, January 26, 2007

WIP Update

Just a quick note to tell you (and remind me!) of the following:
  1. I've found pics of heroine's rented property :-)
  2. I've found pics of hero's detached property - overlooking Country Park :-)
  3. I've found more pictures of their place of work :-)
  4. I've found heroine's family home that she moved away from :-)
  5. I've discovered more information (and pics) of hero's dad's family home :-)
  6. I've got a rough outline of Chapter One's beginning, middle, and end... :-)
Now all I need to do is:

  • Learn more about hero's young half-brother and the newborn baby half-sister.
  • Draw/create a map between all the locations so I know where everyone is.
And then I may be ready to write those words "Chapter One..."

Sue :-)

still reading Jeanne Whitmee's Wishes and Dreams and LOVING it.

I'm hoping to be ready to begin TMA 01 next week (E301)