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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby never ceases to amaze me. He hasn't left my side for over two weeks, yet still he presents me with Valentine's Day gifts and a card. Amazing!


Jessica Raymond said...

Aw... :) Have a lovely day!

Jess x

Margaret McDonagh said...

What a star. You have a real treasure there, as I know you know! I hope you are feeling very much better and that you both have a lovely day.


Melissa Marsh said...

How wonderful! You have a good man, Sue!

Claire Baxter said...


Just caught up. Sorry to hear that things are not going so well healthwise, but congratulations on having a lovely hubby!

(And thanks for the previous blog entry :))


Sharon J said...

The flowers are beautiful, Sue, and your hubby's obviously a beautiful soul.

Every year I get a card even though I keep saying that I don't believe in Valentine's Day and would rather not celebrate it. Some people just can't help themselves I guess :)

Caroline said...

He's a sweetie.