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Friday, March 16, 2007

Health Update

I can't believe how much I've enjoyed the past couple of weeks. Each day there have been minute changes with my health - good changes. Every day I've felt my legs becoming a tiny bit stronger. The 'chair has enabled me to get out in the fresh air, and this in itself has energised me - I haven't felt energised in years because of the chronic fatigue I experience.

Arriving for the first time at my doctors in a wheelchair is still reaping massive results. Suddenly I have access to all kinds of services that in truth I should have been offered years ago. But I won't go into a rant about it, because this is a HAPPY post. Arrangements are in progress for a few adaptations that will make a huge difference to my life (I'm just praying that the landlord - we're in rented accommodation - will agree).

The best bit of all is that I'm now regularly seeing a physiotherapist - one who specialises in neurology. The difference I'm already noticing is nothing short of AMAZING! It's like having my own personal trainer, but one who understands the limitations MS brings. She keeps reminding me that she can't work miracles, but to my mind she already has.

I am trying to stay realistic - I know I won't ever be able to walk very far before my legs want to collapse, but that's okay. My next goal is to be able to use my 'chair to take me the distance and then for me to be strong enough to be able to walk into a shop, because I have to say, there aren't many places that are wheelchair friendly.

The only 'blip' I've had is that I've had a UTI, but antibiotics are already working on that. The family visit happened, and it was nice that I was well enough to enjoy a few trips out to garden centres, etc. And, since yesterday afternoon I've resumed my WIP - again.

My only concern now is that I LOVE feeling this well, and I've got to work on not feeling so devastated when I have the next not-so-good day/week etc. But, that's me just being greedy and wanting every day to be like this.

Well, I'd best stop rambling because I have some writing to do... I hope you've had a good couple of weeks too - I'm planning on catching up with some Blog posts over the weekend.

Sue :-)


Jessica Raymond said...

Yay Sue! I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that you're feeling so positive and that you're making great progress with LIL! :) :)


Jess x

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm so glad you're feeling great, Sue! You sound positive and upbeat and that is wonderful! And I'm also very glad that you're getting the care you deserve. Keep on keepin' on!!!