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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Celebrating the Romance Line

Pop over to Natasha Oakley's and Trish Wylie's Blogs as they celebrate becoming finalists for the RWA's Holt Medallion Award, (edited to add) along with Ally Blake.

Natasha Oakley's Accepting the Boss's Proposal is the first book Gray ever read from the Romance line - and he LOVED it.

"Accepting the Boss’s Proposal' is a truly wonderful category romance that stands as one of the best Mills & Boon novels I’ve read. Natasha Oakley is a subtle author who works her magic almost invisibly across every page..."
read more of Gray's review here

It's no secret that I also love Trish Wylie's and Ally Blake's books. You can read my reviews of Trish's Project: Parenthood here and Ally's Meant-To-Be Mother here

I LOVE Harlequin Mills & Boon's Romance line, and it's fabulous to see writers of these wonderful books being recognised.