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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Heat is On

Warning: Don't stare too closely at our word counters because they may hurt your eyes before too long...

Gray's long months of research have officially ended. He's now in the middle of Chapter One of his first ever Historical Romance which means if I don't want to be left behind I need to get cracking with my WIP!

Oh boy, the pressure...! Seriously, there's nothing like a healthy bit of competition to get those words flowing. The thing is I haven't yet decided whether it's such a great idea for the competition to be on one's own doorstep!!!

But, I jest. I'm delighted that we make such a good team. It's like a dream come true. Plus now, if one or other of us hits that brick wall a.k.a. WRITER'S BLOCK, we know that the other won't have a moments peace to get on with their writing until that wall's been knocked down! I LOVE it when a plan comes together [VBG]!!!

Before I disappear again back to my fictional world, I have a message for other aspiring writers: Keep an eye on Trish Wylie's Blog because later this week she's launching an April Writers' Contest...

Happy reading and writing!

Sue :-)


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, how cool! A husband and wife writing team! Awesome!