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Monday, April 09, 2007

Why I loathe Blogger...

... it's advertised my recent procrastination...

A couple of days ago I was playing around with two pseudonyms that I've been deliberating with. In the process, I got carried away and created a Blog with the same name for - you know, just-in-case one day I go from aspiring to published... In other words I was dreaming about the what ifs... again!

It's not difficult to confuse Blogger - even though I created a completely NEW Blogger account, it decided to use my new account's name when I left a comment on another Blog from this Blogroll.

Lots of weird stuff's been going on lately - I've revisited a couple of Blogs where I've recently left comments to check that Blogger hasn't used this other ID, and I've found that my comments aren't there AT ALL.

Okay, my head's hurting now. Perhaps it's me having one of 'those' moments...

So, I'd just like to mention that if I don't appear to have visited your Blog lately, the chances are that I have, only Blogger's eaten my comments (or assigned it to this 'other' account)!

Also, be assured that even when I don't have the opportunity to visit you, I AM still reading your Blog posts - I've now subscribed so they come direct to my Inbox.

I hope you've had a great weekend.


Bailey Stewart said...

I think it's neat that you can subscribe to blogs - how did you do that? I've just been a bad blogger - I hardly get around at all anymore.

Blogger is easily confused.